Book Review Policy

by | Apr 22, 2020

Written by Pandora

Pandora loves books. She enjoys reading, writing, and editing them. She started this blog to highlight some of her favourite books, and review some new and old books along the way. ❤️📘

Hello and welcome to Ink Blot Book Review Blog, thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you!

If you are reading this then there is a good chance you would like your book reviewed by myself, and I may well want to review it. But first things first, we need to set out some rules… so please read below.

The Basics

Most of the books I review are purchases I have made, and than means that by and large, I think that I will enjoy the book before I buy it. I have genres and authors that I gravitate towards, and recommendations based on those are welcome.

About me

I am based in London, England, UK, Earth… bear that in mind when you think about sending me your books to review, as it will have an impact on postage etc.

The content on this site is produced mainly by me, and the occasional offer from a friend to write a review about a book they have read, in which case I act as the editor of the review.

And as this is a book review blog, I get to review the books I want to review, rather than a more formal environment like a magazine or newspaper, where I wouldn’t get much choice in what I review. That means that I usually choose books I think I may enjoy reading, it is my hard-earned money that I am spending on the books after all. Which in turn means that a lot of the reviews are favourable – If I don’t want to read it, I won’t. A favourable review is not a bad thing; it is indicative of the choices I have made. I review books to highlight the books I love to other, like-minded people, that may not be aware of them.

Some of the books I have reviewed I had already owned, some come from our public library – though that is unusual. I tend to need the book for some time to read and review.

What do I love?

Well, I grew up on Discworld, Red Dwarf, Hitchhikers Guide, Anne Rice vampires, and some questionable romance novels. That has translated into a love of sci-fi and fantasy, crime & thriller, and especially things that merge the two. I love books that keep me engaged or try something new. You will see I have written a few reviews on the Rivers of London series and the Vinyl Detective. Currently two of my go-to’s.

Reviewing Your Book

I am always happy to receive books from publishers, authors, and illustrators who are interested in a possible review. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving books in the post?! But it is important to know that it is my choice to review any books I am sent, and unless we have a prior agreement, just because you send me a book, doesn’t guarantee a review.

If you would like to send me a book for review, please bear in mind the following:

  • I primarily review books in the following genres: crime & thriller, sci-fi & fantasy, young adult (YA). Check out previous reviews to see if I would be a good fit for your book.
  • I also like comics or graphic novels, creative/unusual books. I am always on the hunt for interesting and new.
  • I prefer reviewing physical copy books, that is just my preference. I buy books rather than using an eReader, that is my preference.
  • I enjoy discovering new and upcoming authors, often from book fairs or comic-cons. However, self-published work is still held by the same principals, and it is my final say on whether I will review a book that has been sent to me.
  • I do not and cannot guarantee to review any book I receive.
  • I review books for fun; reading is my hobby and passion. Which means I don’t tend to review to specific deadlines. However, if you send a book for review, we can discuss time scales if they are needed and I will consider the review.


Book Submission Guidelines

To submit your book for review by myself:

  • Contact me regarding your book, including who you are & the company you work for (if not the author). Book title and blurb. Why you think I might like the book. Important dates – if the review is embargoed until date or a date that you would like the review by (depending on my schedule).
  • After we agree, I will give you my address to send the book.
  • I will keep you up to date on the process.